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Passionate about design and functionality across all projects. With the creative ability to view each task from different angles, helping to visualise and achieve successful results. Having the ability of design & vision and the knowledge of programming bring a unique skill and understanding of Design and Programming.

With over 20 years of experience in website design and development. 

Wicko Design was established in 2007 by David Wickstead. Originally working mainly in the graphics design areas David soon discovered his natural skills and abilities from learning basic programming at the age of 14 (before the bands Oasis, Blur and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers). 

It was about a decade earlier in 1990 that David graduated from the LCP (London College of Printing) with BA sons and HND in Graphic Design and Typography. Having self taugh basic programming at the age of 14 it was only a natural move for David into the digital world. Like a duck to water David would take on digital project from simple websites, 3D graphics video and animation to fully integrated ecommerce web platforms.

Building as a team David will oversee all projects with a crew of specialists to handle all projects from initial ideas to publishing and promotion. With ongoing personal support to maintain and improve customer websites.

When you work with Wicko Design then you will be getting personal attention across all aspects of the project with years or experience.

Planning, Design, Website Build and Marketing.

An ideal partner for every web project. 

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Initially based in Windsor, David moved the business to Kidmore End near Reading and Henley-on-Thames in the South East of England.

Working with across a wide range in industries, Wicko Design has developed an impressive portfolio that showcases expertise in brand identity; mobile friendly web design and development; graphic design and print; retail packaging design and packaging construction expertise.

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