Banner advertising

048 promotion 1Advertising your website, product or services in a banner advert is a great way to bring awareness customers of what you have to offer. Click through from these banner adverts is a great way to increase traffic to your website page. Often websites will offer a variety or banner advertising options and positions on the page. These can vary is size and proportions. If you are running a campaign you may need to have various different banner sizes that can be used on different websites and positions.

There are different types of banner you can use.

  • A static banner displaying an image or static message
  • Animated gif banner that changes the message after a period of time.
  • GDN banners can have more dynamic content and links built into them. GDN banners coded in html5 can offer animation and greater dynamic effects with even clickable area within the banner to maybe bring up a tool tip or other information as well as having a main CTA to link to specific page on a website. These often offer greater dynamic functions while keeping the file size down.

Banners need to be small in memory size and some websites that offer banner advertising will even state a maximum file size that your banner can be. Choosing the a right type of banner to give your message across while keeping the file size to a minimum is very important.

At Wicko design we can produce web banners for you following your campaign design styles. Create series of banners across different sizes and supply packed up GDN banner scripts and files.

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