Zhuzh ecommerce webstore

Case Study: Wicko Design's E-commerce Solution for Zhuzh.com

Client: Zhuzh.com

Industry: Beauty and Skincare

Services Provided:

  • E-commerce Webstore Design and Development
  • Integration with Fulfillment House and Stock Management
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Support


Zhuzh.com specialises in tan accelerators and beauty products. The company aimed to expand market reach and improve their online sales process. They enlisted Wicko Design to develop a new e-commerce platform.


The primary challenge was crafting an efficient, user-friendly e-commerce website that embodies the brand's identity and integrates with their fulfillment house for effective stock management and timely order delivery.


Wicko Design took on the project with their characteristic blend of creativity and functionality. The solution comprised:

  1. E-commerce Webstore Redesign: A new design was implemented to align with the brand’s lively identity, optimised for performance to facilitate a seamless customer shopping experience.
  2. Complex Relationship Management: A system was created to manage complex relationships among products, stock, and customer preferences.
  3. Integration with Fulfillment House: Integration with fulfillment systems was achieved, enabling real-time stock management and efficient order processing.
  4. Customer Notification System: Customers were provided with an automated system to receive order updates and tracking information, improving satisfaction and trust.
  5. Ongoing Website Maintenance and Support: Wicko Design's ongoing support ensures the e-commerce platform remains current and issues are resolved quickly.


Zhuzh.com's new e-commerce website has significantly improved the customer shopping experience and streamlined the order management process. The company has noted enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Through a thorough e-commerce development approach, Wicko Design has helped Zhuzh.com enhance their online presence and sales. The combination of aesthetic and operational improvements has provided a custom solution that supports the company's growth. Continuous maintenance and support guarantee the website's longevity and efficacy.

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