ecommerce website build for get go fone

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get go fone e-commerce website get go fone e-commerce website

Case Study: e-commerce website case for get go fone

Client: Kid-A
Contact: Phil Roberson
Project: e-commerce website for get go fone

About Kid-A

Kid-A is an award-winning creative solutions agency working exclusively with mobile network operators. Agile, innovative and inspired by a passion for music and pop culture (they take their name from Radiohead’s fourth studio album), Kid-A add value, solve problems, make things happen and help their clients take accessories and consumer electronics brands to customers.

The Challenge

We’ve known the guys at Kid-A for many years, and we were happy to support them with help and advice when they pitched the concept of an e-commerce platform to their client, a global mobile operator. Having won the project, Kid-A engaged us to help them develop the website – with the additional challenge to get it up and running in just a matter of weeks.

“We identified an opportunity for our client to establish an e-commerce website retailing mobile phone accessories to customers. At the time, Apple had just announced that the next-generation iPhone – due to launch shortly – would be shipped without a charger plug. With high street phone stores closed due to the pandemic, and our client’s website unable to support e-commerce functionality, their customers would have no option other than to purchase accessories from the likes of Amazon.”

“After reaching out to David for advice about developing an e-commerce platform, we proposed a solution to our client. We would create a new brand – get go fone, and provide them with a hands-free retail operation, promoting and selling mobile phone accessories through a stand-alone e-commerce website.”

Homepage get go fone page

The Solution

Kid-A briefed us to design and build the get go fone website in parallel with them setting up all logistical aspects of the operation. Time was of the essence. Their client wanted the site to go live in time to capitalise on the new iPhone launch, meaning we had just 12 weeks to deliver the entire project.

In discussions with Kid-A before they pitched the concept, we recommended that rather than create a bespoke website from scratch, we use ‘off the shelf’ software and tailor it to our specific requirements. By going this route, we would meet the tight deadlines and the budgetary constraints of the project.

We selected to develop the website in WordPress using the WooCommerce plugin. Fully scalable and able to accommodate complex requirements, WooCommerce can integrate with virtually any service provider.

Incorporating a range of functionality, the get go fone website integrates with other systems, including stock management, and delivers an intuitive user experience. Visitors can browse by accessory category or use the search tool, and can zoom in on images for high-resolution detail. A key design consideration was making checkout as clear and straightforward as possible; this has been achieved by auto-populating information, minimising mouse clicks and clearly showing shoppers where they are in the checkout process.

Customer security was paramount, and Kid-A’s client engaged a specialist company to undertake ‘penetration testing’, ensuring the site conforms to the highest compliance standards.

Working with Wicko Design

“Having worked with David before, I knew he’d be perfect for the get go fone project. As well as an in-depth understanding of web design with a specific emphasis on e-commerce, David’s creative skills are backed up with a high level of technical knowledge and years of practical experience.”

“David’s work ethic is exceptional, and his commitment to this project was unerring. Failure is not a word in his vocabulary, and when challenges present themselves, he makes it his mission to resolve them. Often it seemed an issue would arise on a Friday night, just as the weekend was about to start, but David would drop everything to sort it. When we had problems with our original hosting provider, he spent hours getting things to work as they should.”

“David has been – and continues to be, an essential part of the get go fone project. Even though he is a supplier, we don’t think of him this way – he is part of our team and someone we know we can depend on and trust implicitly.”

 GGF Apple AirPods Pro

The Result

“This was a challenging and complex brief, but working with Wicko Design, not only did we succeed in meeting the extremely tight deadlines, we even managed to bring the project in under the allocated budget!”

“We’ve proved that by using an off the shelf solution as the foundation, it’s possible to deliver a fully functional e-commerce website in a fraction of the time and for significantly less budget than a bespoke solution would require. And we’ve not made any compromises. At every level, and particularly in respect of security, the website meets the stringent standards demanded by our client. It’s a genuinely smart solution. The flexible nature of the site’s architecture means we can easily develop and evolve functionality, making changes in hours or days rather than weeks or months.”

“Already, sales revenue from the get-go fone website is running at around twice the level we expected to be doing at this point, and conversion rates for visits to sales are above the industry norm.”


“David has been responsible for at least 80% of the way get go fone works. What’s great is that we never sat down with him and said what we wanted it to look like – he just made it happen. He’s full of ideas and a great character. We love working with David and don’t envisage a world where he’s not doing the ongoing development for the get go fone site.”


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