ChatGPT learning from your website

Is ChatGPT learning from your website?
Is the ChatBot stealing from your website?

Is Open AI and ChatGPT trawling information from your original website content?

ChatGPT is learning and will look into your website to find more information it can use to answer questions.

Shoud you be worried that all your original content is being read by a robot and then used to generate AI answer to questions?

Is it safe to allow access for the OpenAI's webcrawler to view all the content on your site? Perhaps personal data and user information.

There are ways to block the bot accessing your website or at least restict it from certain directories.

Adding a simple disallow script to your robot.txt file on your site will deny access and block ChatGPT.

Disallow complete accss to your site with this script

User-agent: GPTBot
Disallow: /

Or use the following to allow access to certain directories but block others.

User-agent: GPTBot
Allow: /directoty-path-1/
Disallow: /directory-path-2/

Change the directoty path to the path to directories on your website.

If you are not sure how to do this then let us know and we would be happy to help you.
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