whats the best ecommerce platform

What is the best e-commerce platform

There are plenty of e-commerce platforms to choose from and it is important to choose the best platform to fit your business that will be able to grow with your business. Some are open source so available free but may require some code knowledge while others can create a simple e-commerce solution with a monthly subscription costs.

is paypal good for your business

Is PayPal really your friend?

PayPal has been a favourite online payment provider for a long time now but is it really your friend?

selling on multiple platforms

Opening up the doors of your e-commerce webstore and selling on multiple platforms

The importance of selling on multiple channels. It is widely known that the world has changed and that in order to succeed we need to adapt our business model to this new environment. The Internet has taken a key role in this change, making it possible to carry out transactions from anywhere and anytime. In addition to that, the Internet has facilitated the purchase of products, making it possible to compare products and prices from different companies and decide which product or service best suits the needs of each individual buyer.

website integration

E-Commerce Integration: Is Your Website Seamlessly Connected with Your Business Systems?

Online shopping in the UK has been increasing steadily year on year for the last decade and a half. According to the Office for National Statistics, online sales accounted for more than 25% of all UK retail sales in 2020 – compared with less than 3% in 2006.

whoelsale website

What kind of businesses spring to mind when you think about online sales? It will most likely be business to consumer retailers, using the internet to sell their products directly to customers. Certainly, most retailers will have an e-shop, using it either to sell exclusively online or perhaps to complement a physical store.

choosing a payment gateway

Choosing a Payment Gateway: 7 Essential Considerations

In the pre-internet world, paying for a product or service wasn’t always as easy as it is today. Customers would have to either visit the business in person, mail a cheque, make a bank transfer or pay over the phone using a credit or debit card.

ecommerce site options

If you have a retail or wholesale business and want to sell online then you should consider how your website can help you.

building an e-commerce online shop

Add an online store to an existing website or build a new website with an e-commerce shop.

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