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Opening up the doors of your e-commerce webstore and selling on multiple platforms

The importance of selling on multiple channels. It is widely known that the world has changed and that in order to succeed we need to adapt our business model to this new environment. The Internet has taken a key role in this change, making it possible to carry out transactions from anywhere and anytime. In addition to that, the Internet has facilitated the purchase of products, making it possible to compare products and prices from different companies and decide which product or service best suits the needs of each individual buyer.

Online shop

An e-commerce webstore give you ability to sell your products and services online. But like any shop in a town you will only get customers visiting that town and coming into your shop. People often like familiar surroundings and like to visit the shops and stores they know. This is why with a multiple selling platforms you can open the doors for customers to purchase your products from more than one shop.

There are many other online shops you can sell your products on such as Amazon, eBay, Google, Etsy, Facebook and many others. Each of these website platforms gives you the ability to setup your own account and list your products for sale.

When it comes to selling on multiple webstores you have to add your products details to the webstore in its own specific way, duplicating and creating new product listings on each webstore. When make a sale on one selling platform you need to update the stock level on all the other platforms you sell on. This takes time and effort, but using your own e-commerce store as the master shop you can publish and manage all products on other shopping webstores whilst maintaining all the details and stock in one place.

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How it works

Using your own e-commerce webstore as the master you can create your product listings, managing the product details and stock levels. Then with integration methods you can ensure your product listing details are converted added to other selling platforms. As items are sold then the master is notified and the stock levels are adjusted and other sell webstores are updated with the latest stock levels.

You can set your own rules for each site to adjust the price, stock and shipping values as required.

Give your customers a choice

Businesses that give customers a choice are more successful than those that don't. The logic is simple. If customers have a choice, more of them will stay loyal to your business. For example, the most successful fast food chains have the most items on their menu. The more food choices that you give customers, the less likely they are to go to your competitor.

Get more exposure

Having your products for sale on multiple webstores will increase your exposure and the chance of selling them. With added exposure you will help build greater brand recognition for your products and services.

If you have an existing e-commerce webstore and want to sell on other platforms them give Wicko Design a call. We can help setup the integration and get you selling across multiple platforms whilst managing all your stock from one place.

Contact Wicko Design to get started at selling on multiple platforms.

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