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Wholesale websites Wholesale websites

If you have a retail or wholesale business and want to sell online then you should consider how your website can help you.

You might think that building a shopping website is expensive and very time consuming but that is not always the case. To build a website that can sell your products and services online does not need to cost the earth. There are several shopping cart plugins for popular CMS web systems such as Joomla or Wordpress that are free. Yes they will take a bit of time setting up, but once up they can manage product sales and delivery options.

shops on ipadBuild yourself an web based shop and add your products. Direct your local customers to your site and you will soon have customers who may not be able to visit you, ordering and purchasing your products on the web.

If you think that an online shop is only for the retail shops then think again. Many companies also have products they need to continue to sell to their customers. It you have a wholesale business, then you probably already have customers who regularly buy your products, these customer will then perhaps sell your products onto the end user. Like a a chain in the house buying process, a break in the link can cause the whole sale to fail. If a company is unable to sell in a chain from production to end user can cause critical failure in this process, effecting business all along the journey.

So for a wholesaler or producer, having a website with a built-in shop can facility the ongoing ordering process. Many companies may hold stock of their products, relying of office based telesales or reps to process the sales of their products. With a shop on the internet you are give your customers somewhere there they can find and order your products. This will also help your reps on the road as they will be able to help their customers order processes  on the wholesale website, giving them another medium to sell from.

An online marketplace can help you keep sales of your products available even when you are unable be in the office. Use these web based platforms to facilitate the sales of your products, managed designated products or even integrate with your existing company stock management system. Control stock using a simple spreadsheet that you can use to update stock and prices.

If you already have your products in a database that can be exported as a spreadsheet then Wicko Design can help import those products into an online shopping system. This will help get all your items and details on to a web store available for sale. Once the products are on your website then it is easy to update them as and when new details are available such a stock availability, price, etc.

What if you have a separate pricing structure for different customer or members or you don’t want to show a price at all. That is all achievable using dynamic pricing where you can set different pricing depending of the customers user group. You can display an RRP price on the site then once logged in the price will change depending on the user group. Alternatively you can hide all prices completely.

online delivery vanBulk buying options can be set to adjust the pricing depending on the quantities purchased. For fast ordering you can display all items in a table view and the customer can tick to select each product they want, add a quantity, choose variations and then click to purchase all selected items.

Stock and pricing can be managed via a normal spreadsheet and imported directly into the website to update all items. Bespoke integration with existing stock management systems can be developed to ensure all stock levels and current pricing are kept in sync.

So a website with a shopping cart can not only be good for B2C retail stores but also great for B2B business supplies and manufacturing companies. Making it easy to continue to take orders via their wholesale website.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you built a wholesale website for your company or arrange an appointment to discuss how we can help develop an website for your wholesale site for your business.

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