worth its weight in gold

Good website support and maintenace is worth it's weight in gold

A website is a integral part to any business. It is often the first place where new and existing customers will come to find out more information and the products and services you offer. Unlike a printed leaflet or brochure that is a static printed designed a website is more dynamic and offers the flexibility to change instantly to the readers interest.

Popular CMS website platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, etc offer the ability to create responsive information that can adapt to the viewers device and offer the content in more informative ways. Dynamic plugin features on these sites can server up the content via search or filter the result for the viewer to find the information that are looking for quicker and easier. Website owners are constantly looking for new ways to promote and display their products and services.

Get in touch for website support and maintenance

WordPress websites like any other CMS platforms are constantly being updated to ensure optimum performance and security is maintained. These updates happen regularly with many website haves new plugin updates every month.

popular CMS platforms

As a core CMS platform is updated to bring greater performance, security or compatibility with the ever changing requirements of the internet, then it is also likely that many plugins will also require new updates.

As you look to add new features to your website or introduce new changes to your content, it is inevitable that not everything goes smoothly and entirely to plan. This is where you might need some extra help, website support and maintenance.

Sometimes things go wrong on your website and you need some additional help to fix it.

When things go wrong on your website it can be tricky to find out why and find a quick solution. In some cases you might have just made a simple change that you are able to revert and restore to its original settings. But in some cases, specially where you might have a lot of changing information and other editors working on the other areas on the site.

The solution is not always clear.

As plugins and features on your website are produced by many different companies and developer groups finding a solution can not always be straight forward and may in some cases be a result with a compatibility with another plugin.

  • Is there someone you can call to discuss your issue?
  • Do you have to trudge through the web searching for a solution?

automated chat support

Online chat support

In some cases there is chat option available to ask questions and find solutions to your issues. But again these can simply reply with an auto response or does not understand the question you ask and asked to repeat or say in a different way. When you do get a live human response they will often be a first level support that will just redirect you to other information or suggest you to write a ticket for a senior developer to respond to you later.

Support ticketing systems

Plugin developers don't normally have a direct support number of live human contact. Instead they reply on ticketing systems so they can work through your issue in their own time perhaps on their own development platform. But creating tickets to describe your issue is not always that simple. Simply stating 'my website is not working' does not give them all the information they need and you will need to describe the problem in more details.

Sometimes need skills and understanding coding and technology behind the working of your website to be able to explain the issue in a way they can understand.
Even when you do write a ticket the response might take a day or so to reply and then only require more information or to make changes to see if these solve the problem.

pulling your hair out

Does this make you want to scream or throw your computer out of the window?

This is where you might need some additional website support and maintenance to help resolve problems.

At Wicko Design we have the expertise to help resolve these issues for you. Simply give us a call to discuss your website problems and we can take away your frustration and cut through all the technical jargon. Often we might be able to fix the issue ourselves, but where we need to contact with the plugin developers we can do this for you and make sure the issue is explained in a way to help resolve your issue.

We offer ongoing support and website maintenance packages to ensure your website is always kept up to date, backed up and secure.

At Wicko Design you get website support and maintenance that is worth its weight in gold.

Giving you peace of mind that your website will be kept up and running and working, delivering the results you want.

Complete the form below submit your details and we will arrange an appointment to discuss and give you the website support and maintenance you need.


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