Password protection

Password Security

How secure is your password?

Every thing online generally requires a password whether its to send and receive emails, log into user accounts or pay for something online. Using a unique password is very important to maintain security and reduce chance that you might get broken into.

But with so many different accounts required these days it is very difficult to remember all those different password.

You could write them all down in a book. But what would happen if you lost the book? Even worse what would happen if someone stole your book and was able to get into every account you had?

You might use one unique password that you always remembered. A birthday, name, pet, etc. But if a hacker discovered what that password was they would know your password for everything. Don’t do it!

google authenticatorThere are ways to protect yourself and generate unique passwords. Google have something called 2 step authentication which will generate a unique code that will display on a app on your phone that changes every 30 seconds. This can work like a hardware security code.

There are simple ways you can create a unique password yourself that is easy to remember. Its no always that hard. You just need to create a simple rule that you stick to like mixing certain letters for characters or numbers or creating a password signature that you can incorporate into every password.

Perhaps something like ‘M%N£4w0rk’ which could be for ‘My Network’ where you change certain letters for characters or numbers. You know what letters you change. You could also sign it off with ‘TwT15’ for ‘2015’ so making it ‘M%N£4w0rkTwT15’.

It is important to try and use a mix of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. Try and make your passwords at least 8 characters. The more characters the more combinations your password system could have making even more secure. But don’t go willing because if you make your password ‘War and Peace’ them there is also more change you might forget part of it or make a error while inputting it in and just cause frustration.

If you want to know how strong your password is then you could check it out here It will give you an idea no how to change a password to make it more secure and give you an estimated time it would take a hacker to break it. 

If you want a totally unique password then there are websites that will generate a random password for you. Take a look at these.

If you have any queries with regards to web security then please contact us here and we will be happy to help.

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