water tight website security

Water is essential to life. Like traffic is essential to a websites success.

Clean flowing water is good and refreshing. But you don’t want it getting into your home and you certainly don’t want it getting into your electrics.

When it rains you stand under a cover.

Like a roof the water will diverted away.

As the rain gets harder and haven’t built a good strong roof then it could collapse.

You can channel the water with guttering to make sure it goes where you want it and it’s safe.

But persistent water will always find the cracks and openings and will start to drip in.

You can put a bucket under it, but over time the bucket will be full and overflowing.

Now think if water was internet traffic and a website was your home.

Clean water could be possible customers visiting your site.

Dirty water could be hackers trying to get in.

Make sure your website is safe and secure under a good strong roof and the dirty water is kept out while the clean water is free to flow through your website.

Keep your website security water tight

Ensuring your website is kept up to date will help prevent holes appearing in your website. A website maintenance packages gives you peace of mind that your website is up to date, safe and secure.  

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