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Is your website ready for Google Analytics 4?

If you use Google Analytics and have not upgraded to the latest GA4 then on 1st July 2023 you will stop receiving tracking data.

You need to make your your site is updated with the new GA4 tracking code

Get Google Analytics 4 on your website now.

Google Analytics is a great way to analyses the traffic on your website. Website owners who should use Google Analytics to monitor its effectiveness and help them grow their business.

But things are about to change.

Many website using Google’s Universal Analytics will stop receiving data in 2023 as the new Google Analytics 4 takes over. You need to make sure your website is setup to receive data on the new Google Analytics 4 (GA4) platform to continue to see the valuable analytics results for your website.

You will have add the new GA4 tag to your website. To do this you will need to create a new GA4 property. If you already have Google Universal Analytics then you can use the GA4 setup Assistant in your admin panel. Create a new property and connect the new tracking details.

But there are more options for you to measure your websites traffic with GA4. Preparing your website for the future with Google Analytics 4.

Available tracking options

Connect your Google AdWords account and track your ad campaigns. This shows you greater detail the performance of your ads to have detect which is giving you the greatest ROI.

Use Google Tag Manager GTM to detect events on your site. Discover when a user has opened and completed a form or completed a purchase on your E-commerce store. Tracking these events and conversions will help identify what methods are giving you the best return on your investment. If you are running a WooComemrce website then setting up conversions to show completed orders with values and products order is a must.

Merchant Center will display tracking results from products listing to Google Shopping. Discover the popular link from Google shopping and which are leading to sales. Ensure all your products contain the correct data

Use the Analytics 360 properties API access logging to detect more information from visitors. Ideal for sites who offer user or membership accounts. It will collect the users email address, IP, pages they have accessed and the time they visited the site. They help discover the journey your users take on your site. Detect users that no longer login and pages on your site that are no longer viewed.

BigQuery lets you create and run queries on large data sets you have gathered containing all the events you have recorded on your website. You can filter these using SQL syntax or export the data that you can then open locally in your spreadsheet app or add to your CRM system.

Google Analytics 360 along with BigQuery are perfect for enterprise websites looking to gain greater insights from their data.

Google Anayltics screen

Get greater understand from your website by analysing the data.

Get notifications when someone has visited your site, where they came from and what they viewed. These are all fairly standard for analytics users. But now there is even more detail you can access and filter to drill down to see the results.

Using Google Analytics along with some go their other integration and connection options will show you great details of visitor habits on your website.

Build yourself a simple website that connects to GA4 straight out of the box using Skrikingly or speak to us to build a bespoke website for you.

Connecting your website with GA4

Below are a few options we offer to help get the new GA4 tracking code added to your website.

If you are not sure what options to select for your site then book a meeting to discuss your GA4 requirements

We can arrange a 121 Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet video call to go through what GM4 settings would be best for your site and business.

book a meeting to discuss your GA4 requirement


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