Google Analytics time is running out

Time is running out for Google Analytics Universal

If you have not upgraded to Google Analytics 4 then you could loose all your historic traffic data.

Google are closing down Google Analytics Universal and replacing it with the new Google Analytics 4 (GM4).

From 1st of July 2023 Google Analytics Universal you will stop recording visitors to your site. Without upgrading you will not know when or where visitors to your website have come from.

Upgrade to GM4 now!

Wicko Design can upgrade your site to GA4 for you.

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Google Analytics 4

Google analytics is a free service offered by Google and is invaluable when tracking and monitoring the visitors and effectiveness of marketing campaigns. But unless you have the latest tracking code added to your site then all this will stop on 1st July 2023 and you will loose all your historic data.

Upgrading to GA4 is as simple as creating a new property tag and adding to your site.

Google Search Console

Setting up and connecting Google Search Console to your Google Analytics with give you the details of the keywords that were entered that resulted in traffic to your site. On Google Search Console you can also get information about page index status on Google and any 404 error message detected on your site. Use this information to detect issues and fix them on your site. When you create a sitemap on your sites you can then submit it to Google Search Console to notify search engines of pages and menu structure of your website.

Google Tag Manager

You can gain even more details about visitors to your site and track specific events such as form submissions and sales by adding Google tag manager script to your site. This will help detect the source of traffic to your site and those that convert to leads or sales. This is important when monitoring your ROI for SEO and ad campaigns.

Google Merchant Center

If you have an e-commerce website and sell physical products on it then you should also look at setting up Google Merchant Center. When you search on Google you also see a tab for shopping. These are products that Google have found that are related to your search from other suppliers on the internet. Having your e-commerce site set up for Google Merchant Center and then publishing the correct information to Google will can get your products featuring in this tab increasing the chance of traffic being sent to your website.

Free from Google

All these services are free from Google but require details to be added to your site and domain DNS to get the most from them.

Setting Google services up for you

Setting all these up on your site can be quite daunting. This is where Wicko Design can come in and help you. For a one time fee we can make all the necessary changes to your site and DNS to give you the full access to Google’s free services.

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