Mobile Friendly website

A question you may ask yourself when coming to review an existing website or designing a new website.

The truth is that a mobile friendly website is a must when thinking of building a new website or even when refreshing an existing website.

You might think that people don’t really use their smartphones to browse website. But over 35% of online traffic comes from mobile devices and that number is set to increase. Google the number one internet search engine of the World Wide Web has definitely noticed this increase and has made a decision to rank website depending on their mobile compatibility. With competition for position on search engines you can hardly afford to give up any advantage you have over your competitors.

If you are building a new website then you can ill afford to create a site that does not mobile friendly.

So what really is a mobile friendly website?

Mobile devices nearly all have access to the internet and display web content. But the way in which they display is different in every case. Every devices has a different size screen and also has the option to display in both portrait and landscape formats. A none friendly mobile site might shrink the entire page to fit this screen or only show a small part of the page making the web content very hard to read. You might have to zoom in or scroll around the page to find what you are looking for. This can be very frustrating and would lead to most viewer simply leaving the website and going to find what they are looking for somewhere else.

A mobile friendly website displays the web page in a format that can be clearly viewed on any mobile device with simple navigation options to direct the viewer to other pages.

There are dedicated mobile websites that are totally different structure to the main desktop site but are only visible on mobile devices. Designed individually to work on a certain screen size. But with so many variations in screen sizes making totally different structured sites demands a lot of additional work.

A responsive website uses the same template style that adapts to different browsing devices. Pages may display with columns across the screen on a desktop where the columns can automatically reduce in width or number to suit each devices. 

If you would like to get a new website designed that is responsive and mobile friendly then contact Wicko Design, we will build you a website that can be displayed on any web browsing device.

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