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Growth in consumer use of mobile devices to browse the web increased by over 30% in 2014.

You only have to look about you on the street, in a cafe, on a train – anywhere in fact, to see that the way people access websites today is changing. With the latest results taken on Cyber Monday Dec. 1st 2014, 41.2% of traffic to websites was via a mobile device. This is an increase of 27.2% on the previous year.

Tablets and smartphone devices vary in size and screen resolutions. It is important that your website adapts to these and displays its content clearly to the viewer. Wicko Design produce websites that are mobile-friendly and use responsive web design features to ensure all your customers can view your website from any device.

By having a website that is responsive you can ensure that the customers see a site that fits their screen perfectly with no need to zoom in and out to view content and controls of each page.

The images and content don’t need to be reduced to make them fit but simply adapted and re-flowed to each screen dimension.
Navigation can also be controlled via an icon or selectabox on a smartphone making the experience.

Wicko Design now offers a comprehensive range of in-house digital media solutions. We can design and build a new, fully responsive website for your business, or convert your existing site to make it responsive. Contact us about updating or creating a new website.

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