Upgarding to Joomla 4

Upgrading to Joomla 4 and beyond

Joomla CMS is being upgraded and August 2023 will bring the end to JM3.x with the introduction of the new Joomla 4 CMS platform.

Joomla 4 is one of the most secure website systems out of box. By default includes 2 factor authentication and extensive access control levels which other CMS platforms require additional plugins to achieve.

Used by millions of business with a 9% stake for know business websites and 3% of the entire web.

Multilingual compatibility that’s perfect for producing websites in many languages.

Websites running on the Joomla platform will need to be upgraded to JM4 to continue to get the full support and updates.

You will also need to ensure your template is also compatible with JM4.

There is a auto upgrade for the Joomla system but you will need to ensure all your plugins are compatible with the new system. The big plugin, extension and template developers have already created upgrades to make their tools compatible with JM4.

This is an ideal time to rethink and tweak the design and layout of your website.

Wicko Design we have over 10 years experience in building and managing Joomla websites and have already converted many websites to the new JM4 platform.

If you would like support in upgrading and converting your website to Joomla 4 then please contact us and book an appointment.

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