Wicko Christmas

Wicko's Christmas carol a twist on the classic by Dean Martin 'Let it snow'.

Sung to the tune of 'Let it snow' by Dean Martin

Oh the web can be so knowledgeable.
With websites thats are so presentable.
Developed by a man you know.
That's Wicko! That's Wicko! Thats Wicko!

Oh the Internet can be frightening.
Full or jargon and all things enlightening.
But If you need help from someone that knows.
Call Wicko! Call Wicko! Call Wicko!

When you browsing the web at home.
Your viewer may not be the norm.
Perhaps on an iPad or smartphone.
A website really needs to perform.

If your website appears to by dying.
Then perhaps it's time to be reapplying.
For a sites that's faster to show.
Call Wicko! Call Wicko! Call Wicko!

When you want a site for online shopping.
To sell all your products that you were hoping.
Then a shopping cart is the way to go.
By Wicko! By Wicko! By Wicko

Collect customer details on a mailing list.
With a simple sign up form.
If you've got news you don't want them to miss.
Then send out a email newsletter to inform.

Start the New Year with a website to go.
Call Wicko! Call Wicko! Call Wicko!

A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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