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So how well do you know your competitors?
Comparing your website with our competitor website analysis report is a great to see how you compare and areas we you can improve to take the advantage.

Competitor Analysis

 Competitor website analysis

Competitor SEO analysis offers several significant benefits for improving your website’s performance. Here are the main gains:

  1. Identify Strengths and Weaknesses:

    - Strengths: Understand what your competitors are doing well, such as high-performing keywords, effective content strategies, and successful backlink profiles. This helps you replicate their success.
    - Weaknesses: Discover gaps in their strategies, such as missing keywords or weak content areas, allowing you to capitalise on these opportunities.
  2. Keyword Opportunities:

    - Gain insights into the keywords your competitors are ranking for, which you may not have considered. This helps you refine your keyword strategy to target high-value terms that drive traffic.
  3. Content Strategy Improvement:

    - Analyse the types of content your competitors are producing and which formats perform best. This enables you to create superior content that attracts and retains more visitors.
  4. Backlink Analysis:

    - Identify where your competitors are getting their backlinks from and develop a strategy to acquire similar high-quality links. Strong backlinks improve your site's authority and search engine ranking.
  5. Traffic Insights

    - Understand the sources of your competitors' traffic, including organic, paid, referral, and social channels. This helps you optimise your own traffic acquisition strategies.
  6. Competitive Benchmarking:

    - Regularly compare your performance against competitors to gauge your progress and adjust your strategies accordingly. This keeps you competitive in the market.
  7. Identify Market Trends:

    - Stay ahead of industry trends by observing the changes and innovations your competitors are implementing. This ensures your strategies are current and effective.
  8. Improved User Experience:

    - Learn from your competitors’ user experience and website design. Implementing best practices can enhance your site’s usability and engagement, leading to higher conversion rates.
  9. Cost Efficiency:

    - Avoid costly trial-and-error by learning from your competitors' mistakes and successes. This helps you allocate your resources more effectively.
  10. Innovative Ideas:

    - Inspire your marketing and SEO strategies with innovative ideas that competitors may be using, helping you to stay ahead in a dynamic market.

These gains collectively contribute to a stronger, more competitive online presence, driving more traffic, improving search engine rankings, and ultimately increasing conversions and revenue.

When considering competitor website analysis services, it's essential to understand the distinct benefits and features each service offers. Here is a detailed breakdown of three competitor website analysis services we offer, their primary differences, and the unique advantages they provide.

Competitor Website Audit

Service Overview:

The Competitor Website Audit provides an in-depth analysis of your competitors' website structures, focusing on SEO file and code organisation.

This audit includes:

  • Title Tags: Assessment of title tags for length and duplication issues.
  • Image Tags: Evaluation of image tags for proper SEO implementation.
  • Meta Descriptions: Analysis of meta descriptions for optimisation.
  • Page Word Count: Review of the word count on pages to gauge content depth.
  • Link Status: Examination of link statuses, including to and from page counts.
  • Explained: 30 minute 121 Zoom call to go through report


  • SEO Optimisation Insights: Gain a comprehensive understanding of how competitors optimise their websites for search engines.
  • Content Strategy Development: Utilise the word count and meta description analysis to enhance your own content strategy.
  • Technical SEO Improvements: Identify and rectify any technical SEO issues in your own site by learning from competitors' best practices.

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One-time detailed audit of up to 3 competitor websites.

Contact us for Monthly Subscription: Continuous monitoring and quarterly reports on up to 3 competitor websites.

Competitor Keyword Ranking

Service Overview:

The Competitor Keyword Ranking report provides a detailed analysis of how competitors rank for specific SEO keywords.

 The report includes:

  • Competitor Websites: Analysis of 3 competitor websites.
  • Keywords and Phrases: Tracking of 5 specific keywords and phrases.
  • Search Engine Ranking: Rankings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo in the UK, with options for other countries.
  • Local SEO Insights: Ability to choose Google search results from specific area locations.
  • Explained: 30 minute 121 Zoom call to go through report


  • Keyword Performance Tracking: Understand which keywords drive traffic to your competitors.
  • SEO Strategy Enhancement: Adjust your own SEO strategy based on competitor keyword performance.
  • Local Market Insights: Optimize for local search by seeing competitor performance in specific areas.

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One-time keyword ranking analysis for 3 competitor websites.
Contact us for Monthly Tracking: Ongoing keyword ranking tracking with monthly reports for 3 competitor websites.

Competitor Backlink Report

Service Overview:

The Competitor Backlink Report offers a thorough examination of who is linking to your competitors' websites.

The report includes:

  • Competitor Websites: Tracking of backlinks for 3 competitor websites.
  • Backlink Details: Number of backlinks, linking domains, and IPs.
  • Link Quality Analysis: Page and domain in-link PageRank (PR) ranking.
  • Backlink Geography: Analysis of backlink sources by country.
  • Anchor Text and Linked Pages: Detailed review of anchor text and the pages being linked to.
  • Explained: 30 minute 121 Zoom call to go through report


  • Link Building Opportunities: Identify potential backlink sources for your own website.
  • Competitive Link Strategy: Understand the quality and geography of competitor backlinks to inform your own link-building strategy.
  • SEO Authority Enhancement: Improve your site's authority by acquiring high-quality backlinks from relevant domains.

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One-time backlink analysis for 3 competitor websites.
Contact us for Quarterly Reports: Ongoing backlink tracking with quarterly updates for 3 competitor websites.

Each of these services provides crucial insights into different aspects of your competitors' online presence. By leveraging these analyses, you can refine your own SEO and digital marketing strategies, ensuring a competitive edge in your industry.

Competitor Website Audit

Detailed competitor website audit that detects SEO file and code structure.

3 x website structures

Title tags, image tags, meta descriptions, title length and duplicates

Page word count

Link status with to and from page count

30 minute 121 Zoom call to go through report

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Competitor keyword ranking

Detailed competitor keyword ranking report showing individual SEO keyword ranking

3 x competitor websites

5 x keywords

Google, Bing and Yahoo search engine ranking in UK

Other countries available.

Choose Google search results from specific area locations.

30 minute 121 Zoom call to go through report

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competitor backlinks report

Competitor backlink report

Detailed competitor backlink audit to see who is linking to your competitors

3 x competitor websites

Number of backlinks, domains and IPs

Page and domain in-link PR ranking

Backlink countries, anchor text and linked pages

30 minute 121 Zoom call to go through report



For bespoke and regular audits please contact us.

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