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 SEO website audit

Often a website may look perfect from the outside but how well is it really performing.

It doesn’t matter if you have had your website for some time or have just completed a brand new design. Running a thorough website audit will help determine the health of your website and give you technical tips on areas that will help with your search engine visibility and user experience.

Our website audit can analyse your website pages; checking for crucial structure and technical factors, alongside issues surrounding page download speed and general accessibility.

Our audit will check the following criteria:

Structural and Technical Factors

    • HTTP status codes, code size and errors
    • Links - analyses all links, establishing which are broken, ‘nofollow’ and external
    • Meta keywords and descriptions
    • Search engine Cache dates
    • Popularity according to Google, Yahoo! and across social media channels

Search Engine Accessibility

    • Indexing, encoding and re-directs
    • URLs - identifying long URLs and condensing them
    • Links - both intra-site and externally
    • Images - compress oversized images, decreasing load times

121 Zoom call

When we create the report we will send it you you via email with a link to book a 30 minute 121 Zoom call to go through the findings and answer any questions.

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Alternative meeting options are also available.


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