Websites today need to grow organically with you and your business. That is why we build our websites with the latest CMS (content management systems) that can grow with you. CMS websites allow you to create users with different access levels that can login create and edits content on your website. Being able to create your own articles, add images and videos helps you keep the content on your website constantly changing and generating interest for you visitors. Wether you are publishing a regular news blog or updating page and service information, a CMS website is ideal.

There is a whole host of additional functionality that you can build into your website, either from the initial build or as and when your business requires it.

With the increasing number of people use smartphones or tablets to browse the web it is important to ensure your website is mobile friendly. Growth increase by over 30% in the years 2013-2014 and now accounts for over 40% of total web traffic. The website we design use responsive templates to ensure the site adapts to mobile web browsers ensuring the content is always clear to read and easy to navigate.

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