4 e-commerce options

Choice of 4 options for building an online e-commerce shop website

Do you want a website that can take orders and sell your products and services online?

Then you need e-commerce website that can display, manage and sell all your products for you.

Online based shopping websites can come with a host of features that you manage and promote your items for sale. Read about building an online shop.

There are many options when it comes to building a online shopping website. Choose a system that can build and grow with your business.

Below are 4 options for building an website with an online shopping cart.

  • Market Stall

    Market Stall

    Ideal for the individual or small buiness with a few products to sell online. With a simple cart setup and
    Standard Checkout Simple shipping options Standard PayPal payments.
  • Retail Shop

    Retail Shop

    Perfect for the small shop or business that have a samll to medium range of items to sell online. With
    CSV product import/export PDF invoices Product Filters Payment options, PayPal, Sage Pay, Stripe
  • Wholesale Warehouse

    Wholesale Warehouse

    Ability to sell products in bulk with fast ordering pages. Manage shopper groups and prices. Simple, variable or bult product
    Stack management Quick order product tables List of payment options and optional payment integartion with bank Optional integration with existing CRM system
  • Department Store

    Department Store

    Ultimate store option for ever demanding store growth. Complete stock managemant, integration , marketing portal, and ongoing support.
    Pick and collect option Saves wishlist items Intergated marketing options Built-in email marketing solution
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flashFlash Development

Adobe Flash is a multimedia platform used to add animation, video, and other special media activities to websites. Flash content maybe presented on a wide range of computer systems and other devices using the Adobe Flash Player, which is a free download for the user. Our firm specialises in Flash Development and we are confident that our highly skilled staff can meet or exceed any of your needs.

voipVoip Solution

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a revolution in the modern communication world and it is a general term for a family of transmission technologies that delivers voice and video communications over the internet. When a business has an effective VoIP Solution in place there will be a significant reduction in the telephone costs associated with long distance calls and video conferencing.

magento sqMagento eCommerce Development

Magento, an innovative professional open-source e-commerce solution, offers unique flexibility and management. Since business has its own diversity, Magento was designed as a unique eCommerce implementation. To avoid restrictions on business process and flow disturbance, Magento’s modular architecture has given full control in the hands of the online merchants.

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  • I've used David whilst at two different companies and always enjoyed working with him. I appreciate his mix of both design skills and the ability to turn those ideas that into a reality on the web with strong coding skills.
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