webdesign in Reading

Take your business to the next level with a professional website that works.

Get a website design and build tailored to your needs, promoting your products and services, generating leads and sales.

Experience faster growth with a customised website that can be adapted to meet the changing requirements of your business.

Wicko Design offer a complete small business website design and management service which can be based per project or spread out over regular monthly payments.

Contact us now for more information and get started on your website today.

ecommerce webdesign

Do you want to start selling online? We have the perfect solution to build you an online webstore.

Our easy-to-use ecommerce website allows you to sell your products on multiple channels such as eBay, Amazon and Google, whilst managing all product details and stock in one place.

Seamlessly promote your products in multiple channels to reach a wider audience and increase sales.

Let us build your online store now and start selling today!

website maintenance

Website Enhancements

Enhance the design, functionality, performance & optimisation of your existing website!

Wicko Design can help ensure your website keeps pace with the evolving needs of your business. We can make changes to the design so it stays looking fresh and engaging, and we can update the layout and functionality to improve performance and the visitor experience.

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mobile app design

iOS Mobile Apps

iOS Mobile Apps

Put your brand at your customers’ fingertips. Wicko Design can develop a mobile app that’s more convenient and easy to access than a mobile website. An app can deliver great results, because once downloaded, users are likely to spend more time using it than they would a mobile website.

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Graphic Design

All your graphic design requirements together under one roof! Wicko Design has over 30 years’ experience designing powerful promotional graphics for use across a wide range of media. Wherever you need to make an impact, let us help your brand to stand out.

Website Maintenance

Product Packaging

Wicko Design has experience in each stage of the product packaging process, from design and artwork through to construction and production. We can deliver a full range of packaging solutions including labels, cartons, POS, bottles and vac-form trays for use in the retail, medical, electrical and wholesale sectors.

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SEO optimisation

Brand Identity

Your brand identity is much more than just a logo; it is the essence of your business. We can design a brand identity that is impactful and instantly recognisable, conveying the values, ethos and personality of your company. We will create a set of brand guidelines to ensure your identity reproduces consistently across all media.

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Payment Gateways

Design for Print

Even in a digital age, print can be a powerful medium for communication. The look and feel of the printed media your business uses will influence how prospects and customers perceive your brand. We can design for all kinds of printed materials from simple business cards to promotional brochures, leaflets and advertisements.

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