joomla-logoJoomla is a content management system that allows endless customisation and editing of a site by adding various components and modules. The core of the Joomla site is database driven using PHP. It is ideal for building and running a blog or a simple brochure site. These sites can allow different users access and priviledges to edit and update artilces and pages. By using differnt templates available then you can easily set a good starting level and look to your site from which you can then customise to your requirements.

Using the back end feature of the Joomla site you can easily manages and create new users and articles, setting access levels as you do so. From the back end is where new features can be adding and managed by the user, customising the site to exactly how you would like it.

Some of the key features and add on components we have extensive knowledge of are:-

virtuemart-logoVirtuemart: Virtuemart is a idea component to add an eccommerce feature to your site. Weahter you want to simply add a couple of products a customer can add to a shopping backet and then purchase to 1000s of different products, categories and attributes then Virtuemart is an idea addon. Virtuemart can manage various shipping methods and zones making sure that the customer is charged the correct shipping depending on the products final delivery address. It can also manage different currencies and currency convertion by linking into the core exchange rate system. Again just like joomla you are also able to set the pricing structure for different user levels so you can offer a discount to set goups of users. Using a dedicated search feature you are able to search though all your products by name, product type, price, category, and pretty much any attribute you decide to set to your products. Your entire product database can be simply eddited and updated using excel and any other spreed sheet application and either uploaded manually to the database or set to automatically update from a dedicated hosted product file. Using a coupon feature you can add promotional codes that the customer can use to get either a 1 off discount or a perminent discount which can be changed at any time.

email-iconNewletter and email promotions can be managed from a back end module that allows you to create html based email layouts and mail differnt mailing lists. You can schedule you mailing to run a set times and also get track which promotion is getting the most views and visits and to who has opened them. Running a newsletter from t you site will require you to have a good powerful and fast server with unlimited email. We can help you choose and set up this server.

Subscription and access control can be added if you would like to run a site where users can only get access to set parts of your site via a subscription. These subscriptions again can have several access levels and have a set time limit which once expired will stop the level of access. You can manually edit this subscriptions from the backend of the site and allow front end access to the customer to purchase and pay for the subscription they desire.

Forums. Forums can be run and maintained with dedicated components on the Joomla site. These are ideal to allow users to express and discuss subjects of matter. Complete administration of a forum can be managed in the back end.

9019209-illustrated-montage-of-the-earth-with-a-global-network-of-people-from-all-walks-of-life-on-differentNetworking. Social networking is becoming very popular in promoting your business and keeping users up today with news and events. You can add networking options to your site that will turn your site into a Facebook style site allowing users to create and manage their own profiles. You can even link you site to work in conjunction with Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and many other popular networking sites. If you have a twitter account then you can display any tweets you are following on your own site.

Auction features are also available to add to these sites allowing you to manage auctions of your products setting a completion date and time for when each auction finished. This can be set to run allong site an existing auction held by you and allow customers to purchase items through and auction without having to be in the auction room. customers are able to set there maximum bid privately and to continue to bid until either the auction is won or their budget exceeds.

SEO. Search Engine Optimisation is a must to make sure your site gets ranked well in the key search engines. Various SEO tools are also available to help you make sure your site has a search engine friendly URL and create meta tags and data for evey page in your site. We would recommend that you look at our SEO options to help set up the basics in your sites SEO optimisation and also help maintain your ranking by doing continued work on the SEO of your site.

There are many more features and components that can be added to a joomla site. If you have specific requirements then please contact us and we will be willing to look at how best to achieve them. We have a key group is specialists that can customise any project to meet your requirements and budget.

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