srcset retina image

Load retina image on your site with the correct resolution and size for the device.

When it comes to loading images we all want to display the best quality we can on our website. But doesn’t mean loading the biggest image you have expecting one image does all. Downloading huge image when only a smaller image is required would only slow down your site and user experience. Also downloading an image that is too small to then use at a larger size would pixelate and look poor quality.

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A significant number of important transactions happen over the internet these days. While an increasingly connected world makes life easier, it also poses a great risk as we expose sensitive data to hackers and other cybercriminals online. Hackers follow the path of least resistance to their targets, which leads to users with self-managed simple factor passwords. Reports indicate an increase in the number of data breaches involving weak or stolen passwords in the last few years.

Stylogic App for the hair stylist

iOS iPhone and iPad App for hair stylists to manage customer profiles and keep records of previous customer visits.

MyPTstudio with MINDBODY integration

MyPTstudio Personal Training studio in Croydon launch a new website and apps.