edding retail packs

The curved shape and soft pearlescent colours were designed to attract the predominantly female market. The standard carton shape could be used for different sized pens using a unique clear PVC insert which firmly suspended the pen in the pack. This retail pack could be stood on the store counter or hung from a standard Euro hook.

Artwork was also produced to the Dutch market.

Pylobactell H-pylori diagnostic kit

The Pylobactell diagnostic kit detects the presence of Helicobactor pylori a common cause for stomach ulcers. It was designed to be administered by local GPs throughout Europe and smaples sent back to the diagnostic centre via the local postal system. The size, weight and construction of the pack was researched to withstand shipping through the local postal system and ensure it was suitable to fit all countries post boxes.

The design and artwork for the carton, labels and information leaflet was constantly updated as the product was licensed by the EEC regulatory authority and produced in 11 languages.

All elements such as carton, vac-form tray, labels and information leaflet were sourced and delivered direct to the packing center. Orders had to be monitored and dealt with to comply with the European law for medical products, ISO 9000, 9002.

Natureness – packaging

We created a simple yet distinctive packaging range for over 130 cosmetic products that were originally to be sold in Russia, yet due to the success of the brand architecture and positioning they also retail in pound shops in the UK and outlets across Europe, China and the Middle East. Wicko Design managed every aspect of the project including the design style of the packs and execution of all the illustrations, creating the artworks in all languages and print management of the labels.

SuperMax range of personal

hygein products

This pack has a great story. Originally the client, Sterling Four, came to us and gave us 4 disposable razors and asked us to produce a new style of packaging that would not only help build customer recognition of the brand but also have added benefits during the life of the product. By creating a pack that could hold the razor on the side of the pack, also constantly reminding the customer of the brand to help generate brand recognition and repeat purchases.

The original pack held the 4 razors in a clear PVC pack which had a unique patented hanging device on the side to hold the current razor in use.

This pack helped the client, Sterling Four, get their products into leading UK chemist stores, Superdrug, Boots and mainline supermarkets where they had not previously had product presence.

The success of this product lead to the design of a Female version, and also the listing of other products such and shaving foams and complete range of disposable razors.

You may think that using a PVC carton is not a Eco friendly option. But research showed that PVC was easier to dispose of and could be incinerated cleanly without producing harmful gases to the environment. It was decided to be a better option than polypropylene which could be put into landfills but would take 1000 years to break down.

  • Working in partnership with David and Wicko Design has been brilliant. David is very thorough and detailed in his approach to design and build of websites. Not only that but he is dedicated to his task, ensuring he delivers above expectations. We are looking forward to working with Wicko Designs on many future projects.
  • I've used David whilst at two different companies and always enjoyed working with him. I appreciate his mix of both design skills and the ability to turn those ideas that into a reality on the web with strong coding skills.
  • Worked with David and Wicko Design for several years now on various website projects. Always delivers above my expectations. Thoroughly professional business. Always happy to recommend them.