Getting the customer to choose your product first

Packaging-and-brandingCreate the right impact and visual awareness of your products and services to make sure the customer chooses you first.

Brand is not just a logo but a style used across all your media.

If you have a product and have to produce packaging just to put it in store in front of the customer then it is a very little expense to look at refreshing the design. When people see something new on shelf in a store they are more likely to pick it up and have a look, out of interest. First impressions always count. This is the first step in getting the customer to choose your product, or subconsciously get them to recognise your brand when they want to buy that product in the future.

Good clear information with attractive and eye catching design will help grab the customers attention and look at your product. Strong branding gives the customer a feeling of a well established product and value. With clear branding across a range of products will make your products sit strong as a family among your competitors, helping differentiate your brand.

The packaging is not just for show and attraction but can also give extra added value. Keeping the product secure and protecting it from damage from the manufacturer to the store and then on to the customer. For products that have a long life, having packaging last the life along with the product to keep it safe after use or just keeping elements together will give a sense of value. If the customer keeps your packaging then this is an idea surface to remind the customer of your brand and quality.