SuperMax range of personal hygiene products

This pack has a great story. Our client, Sterling Four, briefed us to produce packaging for disposable razors to build customer recognition and deliver added benefits. Our solution held the product on the side of the pack to increase recognition and encourage repeat purchases.

The original pack held four razors in a clear PVC pack. A unique patented device on the side allowed customers to store the razor they were currently using.

This pack helped our client get their products into leading UK chemist stores including Superdrug, Boots and other supermarkets where they had not previously had product presence.

The success of this product led to the design of a Female version and the listing of other products such as shaving foams and a complete range of disposable razors

You may think that using a PVC carton is not an eco-friendly option. But research showed that PVC was easier to dispose of and could be incinerated cleanly without producing harmful gases to the environment. It was considered to be a better option than polypropylene which could be put into landfill but would take 1000 years to break down.

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