Transform Your B2B Sales with a Wholesale Online Shop!

wholesale online websites

What kind of businesses spring to mind when you think about online sales? It will most likely be business to consumer retailers, using the internet to sell their products directly to customers. Certainly, most retailers will have an e-shop, using it either to sell exclusively online or perhaps to complement a physical store.

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Choosing a Payment Gateway: 7 Essential Considerations

payment gateways

Choosing a Payment Gateway: 7 Essential Considerations

In the pre-internet world, paying for a product or service wasn’t always as easy as it is today. Customers would have to either visit the business in person, mail a cheque, make a bank transfer or pay over the phone using a credit or debit card.

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Retail and Wholesale websites

4 types of ecommerce websites

If you have a retail or wholesale business and want to sell online then you should consider how your website can help you.

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Refreshing Your Website

using css styling to refresh your website

Refreshing your web design with CSS styling

CSS style changes and fine tweaking for site content

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Build an E-commerce Online Shop & Start Selling Today

selling online

Add an online store to an existing website or build a new website with an e-commerce shop.

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What CMS should I use to build my website?

website platforms

You should consider what you want your website to achive before you choose what CMS to build your website on.

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Are You Src Set?

srcset retina images

Use srcset to display images correctly on your website automatically – however they’re viewed.

You’ll want your website to display the best quality images possible. But this doesn’t mean loading the biggest images you have and expecting them to suit all browsers.

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Hackers are stealing your passwords in one of these attacks

online hackers

A significant number of important transactions happen over the internet these days. While an increasingly connected world makes life easier, it also poses a great risk as we expose sensitive data to hackers and other cybercriminals online. Hackers follow the path of least resistance to their targets, which leads to users with self-managed simple factor passwords. Reports indicate an increase in the number of data breaches involving weak or stolen passwords in the last few years.

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Stylogic - customer profile manager

styogic app

Stylogic - customer profile manager

iOS iPhone and iPad App to help hairstylists manage customer profiles and record customer visits.

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Wicko The Webman

Wicko the webman song

Getting into the Christmas spirit with another great adaption for a classic Christmas song Frosty the Snowman

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Reviews on Google

  • Working in partnership with David and Wicko Design has been brilliant. David is very thorough and detailed in his approach to design and build of websites. Not only that but he is dedicated to his task, ensuring he delivers above expectations. We are looking forward to working with Wicko Designs on many future projects.
  • I've used David whilst at two different companies and always enjoyed working with him. I appreciate his mix of both design skills and the ability to turn those ideas that into a reality on the web with strong coding skills.
  • Worked with David and Wicko Design for several years now on various website projects. Always delivers above my expectations. Thoroughly professional business. Always happy to recommend them.