Pylobactell H-pylori diagnostic kit

The Pylobactell diagnostic kit detects the presence of Helicobactor pylori a common cause for stomach ulcers. It was designed to be administered by local GPs throughout Europe and samples sent back to the diagnostic centre via the local postal system. The size, weight and construction of the pack was researched to withstand shipping through the local postal system and ensure it was suitable to fit all countries post boxes.

The design and artwork for the carton, labels and information leaflet was constantly updated as the product was licensed by the EEC regulatory authority and produced in 11 languages.

All elements such as carton, vac-form tray, labels and information leaflet were sourced and delivered direct to the packing center. Orders had to be monitored and dealt with to comply with the European law for medical products, ISO 9000, 9002.

Pylobactell medical packaging