SEFSEF - SEO. Making your site Search Engine Friendly and increaseing your Search Engine Optimisation is a must to make sure your site gets ranked well in the key search engines.

A Search Engine Friendly site will increase the chance of your site being ranked on search engines. This is done by cleaning up you sites URLs and removing any odd characters that can cause a search engine to reject you sites URL.

Within Joomla you can set your own meta tags for individual menus and pages as you build your site. For large sites creating your own SEO tags can be very time consuming.

There are various SEF - SEO management tools available to help you make sure your site has a search engine friendly URL and create meta tags and data for evey page in your site.

We would recommend that you look at our SEO options to help set up the basics in your sites SEO optimisation and also help maintain your ranking by doing continued work on the SEO of your site.