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Opening an app on a mobile phone or iPad is often preferable to using a mobile website. Apps can deliver a more captivating user experience. Because the user has already decided to download the app, they feel comfortable and in control, meaning they’re likely to spend more time using it than a mobile website.

We can tailor-make apps to your specific requirements, incorporating functions such as face or fingerprint recognition to improve speed and usability.

Devices can store app settings locally or link into real time cloud based data storage solutions such as Firebase, Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS with the option to link and download larger files and link to up to date information. Real time data solutions allow for instant data-sharing options that enable users to share instant chat data.

Cloud data also offers alternative login options such as standard email and password to Facebook, Google and other social media networks.

Wicko Design can plan and build bespoke apps for the Apple operating system as mobile, tablet, portrait or mobile orientations to help you realise your ideas.

Mobile App Design

Framework & Coding

Wicko Design can build mobile app frameworks that are responsive for a range of iOS devices including iPhones and iPads, seamlessly transitioning between portrait and landscape layouts. We programme iOS apps using the latest SWIFT code developed by Apple.

Mobile App Login

Social Login

To make it as easy as possible for users to access your mobile app, we can connect it to the leading social media platforms. This allows users to login to your app simply by entering their social media login details.



Wicko Design can connect your mobile app to online databases to store and retrieve data in real time.

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Stylogic hair stylist profile manger iOS app

Sending out regular email newsletters is a great way to keep customers informed of your latest servcies and products on your website. Make your email marketing expereince more meaningful by developing stylish email templates for you promote your products and services. With clear call to action will help generate and direct your customers to your website. Wicko Design can create and manage your email newsletters.

Add a optional newsletter signup option to your website will allow visitors to sign up to your maing list.


Setting up Google AnalyticsHaving Google Analytics and Webmasters set up on your website is a must to track the sites development. With Google Analytics you can keep track on how many visitors you site has had and where they have come from. Knowing how your customers are finding your site and the centent they are interested in will help you decided the kind of content that your customers are interested in. You can see how many visitors are coming from your social media pages. This will help you know how well you social media campaigns are working.

Wicko Design can set up both Google analytics and Google Webmasters on your site.

Packaging-and-brandingProduct Packaging

We can assist you with all your product packaging design requirements.

Wicko Design offers packaging and carton construction through to on-pack-design for retail, medical, electrical, product and brand packaging, POS and presentation boxes.

Please view samples our packaging project and read more about them below.

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