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  • 4 options for building an online e-commerce shop website

    4 e-commerce options

    Choice of 4 options for building an online e-commerce shop website

    Do you want a website that can take orders and sell your products and services online?

    Then you need e-commerce website that can display, manage and sell all your products for you.

    Online based shopping websites can come with a host of features that you manage and promote your items for sale. Read about building an online shop.

    There are many options when it comes to building a online shopping website. Choose a system that can build and grow with your business.

    Below are 4 options for building an website with an online shopping cart.

    • Market Stall

      Market Stall

      Ideal for the individual or small buiness with a few products to sell online. With a simple cart setup and
      Standard Checkout Simple shipping options Standard PayPal payments.
    • Retail Shop

      Retail Shop

      Perfect for the small shop or business that have a samll to medium range of items to sell online. With
      CSV product import/export PDF invoices Product Filters Payment options, PayPal, Sage Pay, Stripe
    • Wholesale Warehouse

      Wholesale Warehouse

      Ability to sell products in bulk with fast ordering pages. Manage shopper groups and prices. Simple, variable or bult product
      Stack management Quick order product tables List of payment options and optional payment integartion with bank Optional integration with existing CRM system
    • Department Store

      Department Store

      Ultimate store option for ever demanding store growth. Complete stock managemant, integration , marketing portal, and ongoing support.
      Pick and collect option Saves wishlist items Intergated marketing options Built-in email marketing solution
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  • Build an E-commerce Online Shop & Start Selling Today

    building an e-commerce online shop

    Add an online store to an existing website or build a new website with an e-commerce shop.

  • Choosing a Payment Gateway: 7 Essential Considerations

    choosing a payment gateway

    Choosing a Payment Gateway: 7 Essential Considerations

    In the pre-internet world, paying for a product or service wasn’t always as easy as it is today. Customers would have to either visit the business in person, mail a cheque, make a bank transfer or pay over the phone using a credit or debit card.

  • Online shopping websites

    building and online shop

    Online shopping websites

    Building websites with built in shopping carts

    Start selling online today.

    An online shop can give you everything you need to start selling your products and services online. Everything from publishing your products into categories, taking orders and choosing shipping options. You can allow customers to purchase as guests or subscribe to your site where they can return and view existing order and any updates have been added such as tracking details.

    Publishing your products

    Publish simple one price products or products with variations such as size, colour and price into categories. Allow you customer to view products by category or filter by any variable added to your products such as size, colour, dimensions, weight, availability, etc. The filtering options are endless and you can design and add the filters of your choice.

    user groupsShopper groups

    Online shops can allow you to set customers to groups where you can set product prices and discounts. Ideal for wholesale or membership sites where you want to allow certain membership groups special rates.

    shopping cartShopping cart

    Allow your customers to choose the products they want and add them to a basket to view and amend before they decide to purchase. You can give special discount coupon codes you might want to offer in a promotion, that can be added into the cart to get a specific discount.

     delivery truckShipping

    Shipping and delivery options can set depending on order details such as value, weight, location, etc. The online shopping cart will manage this for you.

    credit cardTaking payment

    Checkout once you have finalised your order and choose a shipping option and take payment. There are many secure online payment options available to allow you to take payment online.

    Amazon Pay Logoapple paypaypal proSage Pay logostripe logo

    digital marketing campaignPromoting your site

    Once your online shop is built then can start selling and driving customers to your site. Build up reputation with site and product reviews. Promote featured products on your websites home page.

    Promote your site across the internet using the following methods:

    • Social Media pages and posts
    • Paid search engine advertising
    • Advertising on social media
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
    • Email newsletter mailing
    • Magazine ads and mail shots

    These are all services that Wicko Design can offer to help support the growth of your website.


    Analyse the traffic and orders on the site to understand what your customers like. See how promotional campaigns are work and what methods produce the best value of return on your investment.

    AB testingAB Testing

    Making small changes to your website could increase the conversion rate and customers progress. But you need to be sure the changes you make are an improvement in your order process. This is where you can use AB Testing. Make changes and display it to a percentage of your customer views and compare again the same number that view the original site. When you are happy that the change is giving you a return on conversion rate, then you can make that change permanent to your main site.

    Contact us to discuss how we can build an online shopping website to support your business, maintain your wesbite and improve your shop conversion.

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  • Retail and Wholesale websites

    ecommerce site options

    If you have a retail or wholesale business and want to sell online then you should consider how your website can help you.

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