• A/B Testing

    AB testing

    Unlocking Success: The Power of A/B Testing

    In the fast-paced digital landscape, understanding what truly resonates with your audience is paramount for success. A/B testing, a method of comparing variations of a website to discern what works best, emerges as a beacon of insight in this pursuit. By implementing subtle changes – be it altering a headline, tweaking a button design, or refining a call-to-action – businesses can unravel invaluable insights into consumer behaviour and drive remarkable returns on their digital investments.

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    The Essence of A/B Testing

    A/B testing, also known as split testing, operates on a simple yet profound principle: presenting different versions of a webpage to users and analysing their response to determine which version yields superior results. Imagine you're an e-commerce retailer seeking to optimise your product page. You may wonder, does changing the colour of the "Buy Now" button impact conversion rates? A/B testing provides the answer.

    Quantifying Traffic: How Much is Enough?

    One common question that arises in the realm of A/B testing is the requisite volume of traffic for meaningful results. While there's no one-size-fits-all answer, a general rule of thumb suggests that the more traffic you have, the faster you can discern statistically significant differences between variations. However, even websites with modest traffic can glean actionable insights through strategic testing.

    Consider this scenario: A boutique online store specialising in artisanal candles receives approximately 500 visitors per week. By conducting A/B tests on their checkout page – perhaps altering the placement of trust badges or refining shipping options – they can still gather valuable data to refine their user experience and bolster conversions.

    Unveiling Incremental Wins

    The beauty of A/B testing lies in its ability to uncover incremental wins. Often, small tweaks that seem inconsequential at first glance can wield significant influence over user behaviour and, consequently, your bottom line. From refining copy to optimising imagery, each iteration brings you closer to crafting an online experience that resonates deeply with your audience.

    Imagine a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company aiming to boost free trial sign-ups. Through A/B testing, they discover that changing the headline on their landing page from "Start Your Free Trial Today" to "Unlock Your Potential: Start Your Free Trial" leads to a notable uptick in conversions. Such insights empower businesses to refine their messaging and design with precision, maximising user engagement and revenue generation.

    Explore A/B Testing Providers

    Looking for trusted partners to assist you on your A/B testing journey? Here are some reputable A/B testing platforms to consider:

    1. Optimizely: Visit Optimizely
    2. VWO (Visual Website Optimizer): Explore VWO
    3. Google Optimize: Learn More about Google Optimize
    4. AB Tasty: Discover AB Tasty

    These providers offer robust tools and expertise to help you conduct A/B tests effectively, empowering you to optimize your website and drive unparalleled results.

    Take the Leap: Request Your A/B Test Today

    Ready to embark on a journey of optimisation and discovery? Harness the power of A/B testing to unlock untapped potential within your digital ecosystem. Whether you're a burgeoning startup or an established enterprise, the path to digital excellence begins with understanding your audience on a granular level.

    Take the first step towards transformative growth – request an A/B test on your website today. Our seasoned team of experts stands ready to guide you through the process, equipping you with actionable insights to propel your business to new heights. Don't leave success to chance; let data illuminate the way forward.

    Contact us now to ignite your A/B testing journey and unlock the full potential of your digital presence.

    Remember, in the dynamic realm of digital commerce, every click, every conversion, and every interaction holds the key to unlocking unparalleled success. Embrace the power of A/B testing, and watch as your website evolves into a finely tuned instrument of engagement and profitability.

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  • Are You Src Set?

    srcset retina image

    Use srcset to display images correctly on your website automatically – however they’re viewed.

    You’ll want your website to display the best quality images possible. But this doesn’t mean loading the biggest images you have and expecting them to suit all browsers.

  • barcapandsons website

    Barcap and Sons website design

    The new website for Barcap and Sons a local building company in Surrey, Barcap and sons

  • Build an E-commerce Online Shop & Start Selling Today

    building an e-commerce online shop

    Add an online store to an existing website or build a new website with an e-commerce shop.

  • Do I need a mobile website?

    Mobile Friendly web design

    A question you may ask yourself when coming to review an existing website or designing a new website.

  • Does your website engine need a good service?

    Shiny new website

    We can tune up your website and make sure your website is firing on all cylinders that will help it powers away from the lights and leave your competitors standing.

  • End of Joomla 2.5

    Joomla 2.5 end of life

    Joomla have announced that they will no longer be supporting Joomla 2.5 from the end of December 2014. That means that all current Joomla 2.5 sites will no longer receive new updates and bug fixes.

  • Features and plugins

    Features & Plugins

    Give your site more functionality by adding modules and plugins.

    Add more functionality to your website.

    027 web maintenanceAdditional functionality can be added to your website in the form of features and plugins. For example, a simple image ‘slider’ or gallery; or maybe you’d like the option to add photos to your website direct from your smartphone? We can adda shop to allow customers to choose and purchase your products online, a form or survey to increase user interactivity and collect data, a ticket system – and much more. Here are some of the top plugin extensions for Joomla. Here are some of the latest featured plugins for WordPress.

    There is a host of plugins available from a multitude of third party developers. But sometimes choosing a lot of plugins can open your site up to security issues and create conflicts with other plugins. This is why we recommend tried and trusted developer groups who might have several plugins in their own. Choosing from these plugin developers can help ensure the smooth running of your website as they are quick to support and ensure their plugins are all compatible with each other.

    Below is a list of recommended plug developers for both Wordpress and Joomla.

    Developer Joomla logo WordPress logo WooCommerce logo Developer site
    YITHthemes   circle check solid circle check solid Visit
    WebToffee   circle check solid circle check solid Visit
    Rockettheme circle check solid circle check solid  circle check solid Visit
    Akeeba circle check solid circle check solid   Visit
    DJ Extensions circle check solid circle check solid   Visit
    RSJoomla circle check solid circle check solid    VISIT


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  • Hackers are stealing your passwords in one of these attacks

Image from pixabay.com

    A significant number of important transactions happen over the internet these days. While an increasingly connected world makes life easier, it also poses a great risk as we expose sensitive data to hackers and other cybercriminals online. Hackers follow the path of least resistance to their targets, which leads to users with self-managed simple factor passwords. Reports indicate an increase in the number of data breaches involving weak or stolen passwords in the last few years.

  • How secure is your website?

    How Secure is your website?

    How secure is your website?

    Security online is becoming a major issue.

  • MINDBODY integration for MyPTstudio

    MyPTstudio with MINDBODY integration

    MyPTstudio Personal Training studio in Croydon launches a new website and apps.

  • Mobile websites on the increase

    responsive website

    Growth in consumer use of mobile devices to browse the web increased by over 30% in 2014.

  • Password Security

    Password protection

    Password Security

    How secure is your password?

  • Proficiency Post goes Mobile

    Proficiency Post on iPad

    Proficiency Post goes Mobile

    Proficiency Post the leading information and analysis source for the business supplies industry launches a new mobile friendly website.

  • Refreshing Your Website

    refreshing your website with css

    Refreshing your web design with CSS styling

    CSS style changes and fine tweaking for site content

  • Rooftek Advance

    Rooktek branding and website design in Reading

    Brand identity and a new responsive website for Rooftek Advance

    Reading-based flat roofing specialists ‘Rooftek Advance’ asked us to create a new brand identity for their business, and to design and build a new corporate website

  • website integration

    Looking for website integration to connect to external resources?

    Get greater functionality on your website by getting it to communicate and connect your website to external resources.

    A website is a powerful tool that provides you with the opportunity to communicate with your customers and make contact with other businesses. By connecting your website integration to external resources (Warehouse stock management, CRM, live feeds, social media platforms, blogs, etc.), you can expand the functionality of your website.

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    website integration

    Why integrate your website?

    Website integration with external services will allow your website to communicate and sync data between platforms.

    • If you sell in a retail store and also online to need to ensure your stock levels are kept up to date on both platforms. You can do this with integration and avoid selling stock twice and having to let a customer down when it is not longer available.
    • If you want to sell products in other seller platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, OnBuy etc. then you can connect these to your site and manage the product and stock information in one place and publish these to the other platforms. As product is sold on any other platforms then the stock is updated across all platforms.
    • You can publish your property details for sale or rent on your website then also on Rightmove or Zoopla.
    • You can connect your website to handle customer details and invoices via your account system keeping all details in the same place.
      Connect to a CRM such as HubSpot to SalesForce tools to collect and keep all details together that you can then use to keep tack of marketing and sales processes.social media posts and comments on your website or connect and promote articles and services on social media.
    • You can connect and get shipping prices and tracking information with companies such as Royal Mail, DHL, DPD, UPS, Yodel, Evri (Hermes) etc.
    • You can connect to external calendars to take bookings.
    • You might want to show information about live events on your website such as stocks, weather information or tidal time etc.

    The number of opportunities for website integration to external resources is endless.

    Connecting your website to external resources will allow you to share information with other platforms or publish up to date information on your website. This will improve customer satisfaction and make your website that place to go to find all the information a customer wants.

    Linking APIs to your website

    Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are used to communicate with other services. Sometimes your site needs to connect to these services to send or retrieve specific data. For example, you might use an API to retrieve product details, weather information, map data, the latest sports results, or authentication and profile data from other sites such as Facebook or Twitter. When using an API, it’s vital to ensure a secure connection, restricted only to appropriate services.

    Using API services enables your website to present visitors with information that’s relevant and up to date. Here are some examples of the top APIs frequently used on website.

    How to integrate your website?

    Wicko Design can work with you to integrate a third party platform with your website integration. They handle the development of the website integration and integration testing in order to make sure that it works as intended. The advantage of using an Wicko Design is that they will be able to connect your website with a wide range of platforms and services.

    Contact Wicko Design to arrange a meeting to discuss how we can add website integration to help save time and improve customer satisfaction.

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  • Website security

    securing your website

    Stop worrying about your website security

    Make sure your website stays secure and up-to-date with a website maintenance service.

    Focus on the important stuff, and stop worrying about your website security.

    Book a free call to discuss how we can improve your website security, monitor your site and keep it up to date giving you the peace of mind you need today!

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    Security on your website

    020 web security

    Protect your website and all its content. Most web hosting options now offer SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to encrypt data sent via the internet, but there are many more things you can do to improve security even further.

    Recaptcha requires a security code to be entered before submitting forms. This can prevent some bots and hackers.

    Updates your .htaccess file on CMS websites can lock out certain bots. Software can be added to your CMS website to help create and improve this. You can even add a firewall to block repeat offenders and hack attempts.

    Use unique and complex passwords for each site you visit and don't repeat them. See our article on password security.

    Setting up a password policy for your site to make sure user create password with a set length with caps, numbers and sepcial characters to ensure weak passwords are created. You can give your password a life span requesting the user to renew their pasword once it has expired.

    Increase security by using two factor authentication. Send the user a one time inique code to their email or via SMS text message that can add an extra level of authentication. There are even apps that you can add to your mobile device such as Google Authenticator, Last Pass, Microsoft Authenticator or Authy that will generate the unique code for you with that changes every 30 seconds.

    When running a CMS website, it’s vital to keep it updated. Wicko Design can help maintain your website and ensure it’s kept up to date

    Contact us

    Read our blog articles on website security and maintenance.

  • What CMS should I use to build my website?

    Choosing the best CMS

    What CMS should I use to build my website?

    You should consider what you want your website to achive before you choose what Content Management System (CMS) to build your website on.

  • Wicko Christmas

    Wicko Christmas

    Wicko's Christmas carol a twist on the classic by Dean Martin 'Let it snow'.

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