Making improvements to your website

If you have an existing website but want to make changes and improvements then we can help you. There are certain changes that can be made by adjusting the CSS stying code on the site. For instance, change the CSS you can change the font, size and colour, add backgrounds and set widths and heights for certain elements. With Javascript you can add dynamic functions. All these can be done without having to edit the page content or change the website structure no matter what CMS website system you are using. You can make many of these changes to fine tweak the look and style to be just how you want it. Contact us to discuss fine tweaking your website.

Features and plugins

You can add additional functionality to your website such as a simple slider or gallery. Maybe even the option to add photos to your website direct from your smart phone. You can add forms or complete surveys to generate user interactivity and collect user details. Add a shop to allow customers to choose and purchase your products online. A forum to offer users the chance to search and discuss various subjects. Ticket system so subscribers can request support and you can reply directly to their questions. Here are some of the top plugin extensions for Joomla. Here are some of the latest featured plugins for WordPress.

Linking APIs

API stands for Applciation Programming Interface and are used to communicate with other services. Sometimes your site need to connect to these services via an API method to send or retrived or certain data. You might use an API to retrived data such as product details, weather information map data, the latest sports results, authentication and profile data from other sites such as Facebook or Twitter. Using an API is a was to ensure that the connection is secure and limited only to those services called with the appropriate API information. By using these API servcies you can pull a lot more up to date onto your site and display information that would be interesting and informative to your viewer. Here are some examples of the top APIs frequently used on website.

A/B testing

A/B testing your website to test functionality and see what effect the changes you make to your website. Making variation or changes to you website page and then displaying the new page to a percentage or your audience and then comparing the effect it has on the viewer compared to the original. You might want to make a small simple change like changing the colour of a headline, add a button or try a different call to action banner. By seeing which has a greater effect to the viewer help you make decisions which variation is working best for your site and viewer. The can be done by monitoring the viewers time spent on the page or the click through rate compared to the original. This is specially valuable for marketing pages or shopping sites. A/B testing requires volume of traffic to your website to compare against. The more traffic you get to your page you want the test the sooner you will get a clear result.


Web Design

We can create a whole range of websites to suit all needs. From the simplest few pages of static content to advertise your services, to complex online webstores to sell large ranges of products, manage currencies, shipping and payment. Give customers the ability to search your site for the product they need.

We can build you an online magazine blog. Manage users subscription and access. Publish banners and track advertisers performance.

Information and education sites with articles to read online or download. Create your own community site and link to other social networking sites. Play videos and games on your site. Live chat with your own dedicated help line or with other users.

You can see examples of the sites we have created in our Web Portfolio menu.

Making you site SEO friendly

If you want to launch a new website or improve and maintain your current sites position on search engines then we can help.

With the millions of sites available on the web, search engines are always looking at new ways to make sure they display the most relevant and up to date websites to the viewer.

With our knowledge and expertise was can make sure you site is submitted correctly to all the top search engines. Increase your websites position and maintain your ranking within search engines.

Analysiing your sites proformance and giving feedback of location, time, pages viewed and opperating system they use will give you all the information you require to monitor your advertising and promotions.

Our friendly team of web experts will make your website SEO friendly!

Customer Web Development and ApplicationIf you have an existing site that you would like some development work on or need a customised mobile application produced then we have a wealth of over 200 specialist IT developers that together can provide totally customised solutions.