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ONI have developed the Nanoimager, the world’s first desktop super-resolution microscope, capable of visualising, tracking and imaging individual molecules in living cells with 20nm resolution.

ONI engaged us to help manage and maintain their existing website. The site had been developed in house by our client using Ginger – an open-source automation framework. To help them maintain the website and make changes and updates, ONI required a web design partner experienced in HTML coding.

Wicko Design looked after all aspects of the website for ONI, running all changes through the source code management tool GitHub, enabling us to collaborate and share updates with our client and test changes before going live.

In the website’s original format, making changes to content required utilising a complex editing system which took time and required a level of technical ability. As ONI grew in size, the volume of updates increased significantly, exposing the limitations of Ginger. It was decided to migrate the web content to a platform that ONI could more easily manage and update internally.

For the final phase of our involvement in this project, Wicko Design converted the ONI website from Ginger to WordPress. We rebuilt ONI’s website on the new platform, replicating the dynamic design, the fresh, clean layout and the stunning, super-high-resolution imagery.

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