Harmony blinds website

Harmony Blinds

Harmony Blinds website is built on a Joomla CMS system that allows the customer to edit and update all the page content themsleves.

The full range of blinds are available to view with a filter option to display only select types of blinds. Each range page has its own image gallery showing blinds that have been installed by Harmony Blinds and how they look in sistuation.

The site has a simple form where customers can request a visit and order new blinds. This has been very successful generating lots of new leads to supply blinds.

Three versions of the home page were produced to generate different landing pages for Reading, Bracknel and Wokingham. Each of these are sent to load depending on the domain name used. This helps search engine optimisation and generate lead specifically for each area.


human resources website

AJHR Solutions

Human Resource company AJHR solutions required a website to showcase their services. Wew designed a new logo for AJHA using a 3D stickman with a circular hoop featured the main 4 areas of their business. The stickman was used within the header of each section page and with the backgorund colour changing to match the relevant section with the hoop rotating to match.

A blogging section was built into the site where AJHR solutions publish latest news and advice relating to their business.


St Andrews Educatiuon home page

St. Andrew's Education

St Andrew's Education based in Oxford offer guarianship to foreign students studying in the UK. Their site explains their services they offer. It features a detailed registration form that helps collect all the legal data required to give guardianship to young foreign students. The site used a responsive template that allows the site to resize to display clearly on smart phone and tablet devices.

St Andrew's Education web gallery

tree surgeon website

Robinson's Trees

This website features a Joomla CMS system using a responsive template that allows the customer to create and edit their own web pages and create image galleries.

The powerful image editor built in to the site resizes images and optimizes the resolution for the web.

  • I've used David whilst at two different companies and always enjoyed working with him. I appreciate his mix of both design skills and the ability to turn those ideas that into a reality on the web with strong coding skills.
  • Worked with David and Wicko Design for several years now on various website projects. Always delivers above my expectations. Thoroughly professional business. Always happy to recommend them.
  • We have always found David at Wicko design to be helpful and knowledgeable of the ever-changing world of programming, at hand to assist with any problems and questions, turnaround times are quick with very competitive price structures. We would not hesitate to recommend David to anyone looking for a new web site. Harmony Blinds Reading LTD