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Make sure your website is kept up to date, backed-up and secure.

For the peace of mind that comes from knowing your website is always be kept up to date and backed up, choose from one of our website maintenance options below:

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Website Maintenance Service

Wicko web maintenance

When you run a CMS website, it’s essential you keep all software up to date. Out of date software can leave your website insecure and vulnerable to a cyber-attack. There are things you can do to keep your CMS website safer and more secure. Using a better password and two-factor authentication will help improve security, but if your website is not up to date, hackers may be able to exploit ‘back end’ vulnerabilities. We can do several things to help you keep your site up to date and ensure it is more secure:

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audit screenWebsite Maintenance for Joomla and WordPress

A regular web maintenance program will help ensure your site is always up to date. We run regular audits on all websites we design and maintain to get insights and identify anything we can do to improve security and performance. Most things can be managed via the CMS website, but sometimes changes need to be made to the server hosting the website. Our website audit and maintenance services are designed for Joomla website maintenance or WordPress webiste maintenance CMS platforms.

Website Backups

Taking regular backups of your website is essential even if you’re not making any changes to your content. As part of our website maintenance service, we take monthly backups. These are kept off-site on a cloud server. Should your server fail or become corrupt, you need to have a point you can restore from. If your website is compromised, backups will enable you to restore your site to how it was before the incident. Even if you simply want to move to another server, having a backup will give you everything you need to move and restore your website to any other server.

E-commerce Website Maintenance Services UK

When you run a e-commerce website with WooCommerce, then you need to make sure that your site is always up and running. With our E-commerce website maintenance packages we can not only ensure all your plugins are kept up to date but also ensure that your orders are integrated with you fulfillment house.

With expertise in WooCommerce website maintenance we can offer packages to help manage your website keep products up to date and integrate woocommerce website into additional seller platforms. Product prices and stock levels can all be managed ensuring your front of shop is kept up to date.

You can get additional support with ecommerce website maintenance. If you would like us to add new or update product details then we can do that all for you. When you take on any website maintenance package you will also have access to skilled website designers and developers who can make updates to any part of your website as and when required. Extra work can be paid by the hours or set up as a retainer and drawn off as and when required.

Website Maintenance Packages

Below are a few options of website maintenance costs. We can create a bespoke website maintance package for you to include any additional changes you might require on your website.

Essential 80


From £50pm

Website audits*

full site backups

Plugin updates*

Security and performance scripts

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Essential 80


From £75pm

Everything from Essential package plus

20Gb Website hosting

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Essential 80


From £99pm

Everything from Premium package plus

40Gb Website hosting

Dedicated IP

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*To enable a site audit, we will need to install a connector plugin to allow our audit tool to communicate securely. We will need admin and FTP access to your site. Audits will be performed on a monthly basis but can be performed more regularly if required. A full website backup will be taken to include all files and database, which will be stored on the cloud for easy retrieval. Backups will be performed on a monthly basis unless otherwise requested. Site backups will be kept for 6 months. Updates to plugins will be updated when available. Paid plugins will require an up to date license. Adjustments will be made to the site settings to increase performance and security. A htaccess file will be created to add additional security to the site and folders. We can also add IP whitelists for admin access, additional admin folder password and 2FA protection. Web hosting is managed on a cloud hosting packaged with the ability to expand with your site. Additional resources for hosting are available on request. 

SEO Audit

Keeping your website updated and secure will also improve its reputation with search engines, boost your SEO performance and advance your Google ranking.  Our advanced SEO website audit can also review your website for the data Google looks for to determine relevance to search enquiries. Learn how your website’s pages are seen by search engines and make adjustments to improve site content. Making small changes to your website design may only take a few hours of work. Speak to us to find out more about how we can support you with your website maintenance and help you achieve the best results.

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