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If you have either a Joomla or Wordpress website, then we can help maintaine it and make sure it keeps up to date and secure.

Just like any other business asset, your website needs to be regularly maintained to ensure peak performance.

Our web maintenance package includes regular in depth audit of WordPress and Joomla websites checking over 70 different points ranging from updates and permissions to suspicious files and security. This amazing service will help improve performance and security.

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Looking after this yourself can be time-consuming and will require a level of technical expertise, but Wicko Design can give you a hands-free solution. We will ensure your site is running the latest system and plugins (Paid plugins will need a valid subscription). Reviewing your site on an ongoing basis, giving you pease of mind and making sure it stays right up to date.

Regular backups are taken of your website that are held off site and used to restore your site in case of en emergency. These can even be shared directly with you on DropBox or your own cloud based or dedicated FTP storage (additional subscription for backup software may be required).

Audit your site

Contact us to run an audit on your website. We can run as a one off or set up to run regularly giving to peace of mind that your site is backed up, kept up to date and secure.

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