Banner advertising

Banners to promote your products and services.

Banner advertising

048 promotion 1Banner adverts are a great way to promote your product or service and increase traffic to your website page. Often, websites will offer a range of options regarding size and page position, and for this reason, you’re likely to need a selection of banner sizes if you’re planning a campaign.

There are many different types of banner you can use.

Static media banners

Static banners displaying a fixed image or message. Ideal for section headers or fixed promotional banner layouts to a page or email.

LEC Social Media Banner 656x235 banner V00

TM HomeBanner SIMODD half

Animated GIF banners

Animated GIF banners change the message after a set period of time. Great to show a short series of fixed image or text layers keeping the file size to a minimum.

5684 BnR web banner 468x60

3M get Smart Q1 Web Banner

GDN banners

GDN banners can have more dynamic content and built-in them links.

GDN banners coded in html5 can offer animation and enhanced dynamic effects. They can even have a clickable area within the banner – and have a call to action linking to a specific page on a website. They offer increased dynamic functionality while minimising the file size.

Banners need to be small in memory size, and some websites offering banner advertising will state a maximum file size. Choosing the right type of banner to effectively convey your message while keeping the file size to a minimum is very important.

At Wicko Design, we can produce web banners that conform to your campaign design style. We can create a series of banners in different sizes and supply packed up GDN banner scripts and files.

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