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Content Management System Websites (CMS)

At Wicko Design, we are experts in developing websites using Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Joomla and WordPress.

With thousands of templates and themes to select from, we can create a great-looking website that will ensure you stand out from your competitors online. All the websites we design are mobile-friendly, delivering a consistent user experience by instantly adapting to the device they're being viewed on.

The main advantage of having a CMS website – as opposed to a static HTML website – is that it's easy for users to create, manage, and edit their own content without the need for any specialist technical knowledge.

With a CMS website, you're in complete control. You can easily edit text, add new images, upload blog posts and much more. And because fresh content is one of the criteria used by the search engines to determine ranking, you'll be helping to optimise your website in the process.

A CMS website gives you the flexibility to add dynamic visual content and interactive features to help attract visitors' attention and keep them on your site longer – increasing the likelihood they will take the action you want them to.

Most CMS systems are extremely user-friendly when it comes to editing content, and their popularity means plenty of support is available to access via tutorials and community forums.

Enhancing the functionality of a CMS website couldn't be more straightforward or cost-effective. Thousands of plugins are readily available, making it easy to quickly add new functions and features such as forms, interactive banners, search and filter tools, payment gateways – and even to turn a website into a fully functioning e-commerce shop.

Whilst some plugins require a small fee to purchase; many are available free of charge. See more information on Features and Plugins.

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Wicko Design can ensure your CMS website is kept secure. As a minimum, your site must be hosted on a secure server and include an SSL certificate so that all data between the website and users is encrypted. But we can provide a far higher level of security to protect your CMS website.

It's essential you ensure any plugins your website uses are always kept up to date. If you have time, this is something you can do yourself. Alternatively, you can save time and give yourself complete peace of mind by signing up to one of our website maintenance packages.

Wicko Design offer CMS installation options to install and set up the latest system on your own server.

Discuss your CMS requirements.

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