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Negative search results on Google can smash up the image, insight and reputation of an individual or a business. Luckily, optimistic results on Google can project trust in an individual.

At Wicko, our online reputation management services seek to eliminate or suppress harmful Google pages, and diminish the visibility of any non-removable negative material. We accomplish this through diverse methods, based upon the situation presented.

We will need definite information and direction from you and from that point will convey you a complete report each month indicating our progression. The time taken depends upon each case and consequences will usually be visible within two to three months.

We have broad experience in eliminating offensive and negative online content. We also work with experienced media lawyers who can recommend you regarding several legal alternatives accessible for you and also directing on what all can be eliminated. We work with you through the complete journey of rebuilding and protecting your online reputation.

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Appeal to High-Intent Prospects

Customers are continually evaluating their alternatives. Roughly ninety seven percent of customers report that business reviews influence their purchasing choices. In a similar vein, ninety five percent of travellers read online reviews before booking accommodation. Internet reputation management includes review monitoring and reputation management, which permit you to magnify your positive business reviews across online platforms and position them in front of your target audience.

Generate Positive Business Reviews

According to statistics, ninety two percent of online users don’t trust a brand without online reviews. What’s more, twenty three percent said they have complexity making a purchase choice when there are no product reviews. A reputation manager makes sure your business has a stable flow of verified online reviews to guide your customers’ buying procedure. A reputation management firm also utilises advanced reputation management software to make your review generation tactic and get honest online reviews from pleased clients.

Increase Your Customer Lifetime Value & Loyalty

Selling to active clients is six to seven times cheaper compared to generating novel customers. However, one of the major challenges that businesses face today is keeping alive customers happy over the durable. Brand reputation management provides a unique method to promote brand transparency and build trust with your customers. Reputation management agencies leverage both optimistic and negative online reviews to showcase your obligation to customer satisfaction and build stronger customer relationships.

Draw High-Performing Employees

Your team plays a vital role in keeping your business alive and thriving. As such, you must make sure employee contentment is one of your top priorities. Online reputation management allows you to compute employee engagement and experience and gather actionable insights to further develop your staff retention and acquisition strategies. Statistics show sixty nine percent of applicants would refuse a job offer from a company with a negative reputation online. To attract the appropriate candidates and grow your  team, you need to spend in a reputation management service focused on your holistic growth.

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