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Your business doesn’t stand still, and nor should your website. Over time, you’ll want to make changes – to the design to keep it looking fresh and engaging, and to the layout and functionality, so that it keeps pace with the evolving needs of your business.

At Wicko Design, we recognise that a website represents a significant investment. Longevity is key to cost-effectiveness, which is why we develop our websites in Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress and Joomla. It means our clients can quickly make simple edits themselves to content with just a little training and with no technical know-how required.

Using CMS platforms also means that if our clients want to make more significant edits – like refreshing the design, adding in new pages, menus or functionality or making improvements to how the website performs, we can do this for them quickly and economically, simply by making changes to code or/and adding in plugins.

If you have a website that’s beginning to look a little tired or isn’t functioning exactly how you need it to – you may not need to go to the expense of commissioning a brand new site. Whatever CMS platform it’s been built in, even if we didn’t originally design your website, we can help you to give it a whole new lease of life – for a fraction of the cost you’d have to invest in creating a new one!

Enhanced web design
Enhanced Design
How your website looks plays a crucial role in how it performs. Based on visual experience, visitors will make an instant decision whether to stay and explore your website further – or to go elsewhere. If your website needs a creative makeover, Wicko Design can dramatically improve the way it looks, changing key design elements including typeface, font size, colours and page layout – by making adjustments to the CSS code of your website. Talk to Wicko Design about restyling your website!
website functionality
Enhanced Functionality
Wicko Design can also add in new dynamic functionality to your website – or improve existing functionality – by making changes to JavaScript, which controls web features including, animated graphics, image slideshows, autocomplete text prompts and interactive forms
Enhanced web performance
Enhanced Performance
Slow-loading web pages are bad for your online presence and your business. Visitors will get frustrated and leave, and search engines will penalise you. If you feel the need – the need for speed, Wicko Design can help you. We can boost performance by optimising the images and code in your website, or we can add caching tools to help serve up pages faster. We can add in a content delivery network (CDN) for ultimate speed, which uses proxy servers to cache content at superfast speed.
SEO optimisation
Enhanced Optimisation
Optimising your website so the search engines love it isn’t only about SEO. Wicko Design can take optimisation to another level. We can carry out a full audit of your website structure, ensuring that all the code the search engines require is displayed correctly. We’ll also check for missing alt tags and meta tags – these communicate information about the content of a page, enabling search engines to calculate relevance and rank it accordingly.

Read about some of the website styling effects that we've achieved using CSS, html5, jQuery and javascript.

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