Looking for website integration to connect to external resources?

Get greater functionality on your website by getting it to communicate and connect your website to external resources.

A website is a powerful tool that provides you with the opportunity to communicate with your customers and make contact with other businesses. By connecting your website integration to external resources (Warehouse stock management, CRM, live feeds, social media platforms, blogs, etc.), you can expand the functionality of your website.

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Why integrate your website?

Website integration with external services will allow your website to communicate and sync data between platforms.

  • If you sell in a retail store and also online to need to ensure your stock levels are kept up to date on both platforms. You can do this with integration and avoid selling stock twice and having to let a customer down when it is not longer available.
  • If you want to sell products in other seller platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, OnBuy etc. then you can connect these to your site and manage the product and stock information in one place and publish these to the other platforms. As product is sold on any other platforms then the stock is updated across all platforms.
  • You can publish your property details for sale or rent on your website then also on Rightmove or Zoopla.
  • You can connect your website to handle customer details and invoices via your account system keeping all details in the same place.
    Connect to a CRM such as HubSpot to SalesForce tools to collect and keep all details together that you can then use to keep tack of marketing and sales processes.social media posts and comments on your website or connect and promote articles and services on social media.
  • You can connect and get shipping prices and tracking information with companies such as Royal Mail, DHL, DPD, UPS, Yodel, Evri (Hermes) etc.
  • You can connect to external calendars to take bookings.
  • You might want to show information about live events on your website such as stocks, weather information or tidal time etc.

The number of opportunities for website integration to external resources is endless.

Connecting your website to external resources will allow you to share information with other platforms or publish up to date information on your website. This will improve customer satisfaction and make your website that place to go to find all the information a customer wants.

Linking APIs to your website

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are used to communicate with other services. Sometimes your site needs to connect to these services to send or retrieve specific data. For example, you might use an API to retrieve product details, weather information, map data, the latest sports results, or authentication and profile data from other sites such as Facebook or Twitter. When using an API, it’s vital to ensure a secure connection, restricted only to appropriate services.

Using API services enables your website to present visitors with information that’s relevant and up to date. Here are some examples of the top APIs frequently used on website.

How to integrate your website?

Wicko Design can work with you to integrate a third party platform with your website integration. They handle the development of the website integration and integration testing in order to make sure that it works as intended. The advantage of using an Wicko Design is that they will be able to connect your website with a wide range of platforms and services.

Contact Wicko Design to arrange a meeting to discuss how we can add website integration to help save time and improve customer satisfaction.

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